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Defined in header <atomic>
template< class T >
void atomic_init( std::atomic<T>* obj, T desired );
(since C++11)
template< class T >
void atomic_init( volatile std::atomic<T>* obj, T desired );
(since C++11)

Initializes the default-constructed atomic object obj with the value desired. The function is not atomic: concurrent access from another thread, even through an atomic operation, is a data race.

If obj was not default-constructed, the behavior is undefined.

If this function is called twice on the same obj, the behavior is undefined.


obj - pointer to an atomic object to initialize
desired - the value to initialize atomic object with

Return value



noexcept specification:  


This function is provided for compatibility with C. If the compatibility is not required, std::atomic may be initialized through their non-default constructors.


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